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Schedule a call for a FREE Biome-Balancing Gum Sample!

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Blood Flow


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You work hard to help your patients have healthy mouths and healthy lives. Helping your patients increase their Nitric Oxide levels will improve their blood flow, oxygen delivery, nutrient delivery, and simultaneously make the work you do in their mouths more effective while improving their daily lives and health. Support adequate blood flow, and impact whole patient health.

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The Total Nitric Oxide Support Solution

One month of Total Nitric Oxide Support includes:
(1) Box of Nitric Oxide Foundation, (1) Tube of Nitric Oxide Test Strips and (1) Pack of Biome-balancing Gum

Your Price: $59.40 $66
Patient Price: $99

What's included?
Your Total Support Solution contains:

60 count box supplements

Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Foundation provides a two-capsule therapeutic dose of dietary nitrates to support Nitric Oxide production and support healthy blood flow.

One box contains a one-month supply of product.

50 count tube test strips

In just seconds, Berkeley Life’s patented, non-invasive, Nitric Oxide saliva test strips indicate salivary nitrite levels, which are a proven precursor to Nitric Oxide levels in the body. Designed for daily use, tests trips can be used to measure nitrite levels to establish a daily baseline, assess levels before physical activity, and after each nitrate-rich meal or supplementation. Each tube includes 50 strips – enough for one month of regular testing.

One box contains 50 test strips

8 pieces of gum

This biome-balancing chewing gum helps to optimize the oral environment for a health-promoting microbiome by shifting away from acid promoting microbes and towards nitric-oxide supporting microbes. With regular use, a balanced health-promoting microbiome and Nitric Oxide (NO) production can be restored.

One pack of gum includes 8 pieces

“As a dental professional interested in whole-patient health, you cannot afford to overlook Nitric Oxide’s role in supporting systemic blood flow. Our blood brings fresh life-giving oxygen and nutrients to all of the tissues in our body – including those in our mouth. Assessing Nitric Oxide levels during an exam is easy, and your patients’ total body health will benefit from supporting optimized blood flow every day.”  

- Gary Kadi

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